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v gud

pretty gud

Great stuff. Clean sound. I would just try to stray away from Nexus presets :)

Multex responds:

Haha yeah, this was one of my earlier tracks and i'm on my way to leaving nexus completely :D

Love the sounds man. Actually quite beautiful. I can agree that the percussion does effect the beautiful mood at first set by the track. Not exactly in a bad way, but it does change the mood. I think there are other ways you could have taken the track to keep the beauty yet still accelerate the track.

This is actually really good especially for a first submission! Keep up the good work.

Megaddd responds:

Thanks! I hope to get better at this in the near future, I'm still green in the music-making world.

Sounds amazing! Maybe you could work with us (Zenvo) on a track sometime!

Sounds great to me man! I'd love to try working with you again.

TastyTeo responds:

Why not :D

Looks like we're both thinking the same thing! I got a happy hands up track coming out soon. :D Great track man, the effects sounded great, very smooth, great transitions. Good choice of synths.

Over all, great track. Will definitely go into my iTunes. Maybe we can work on a track together sometime.

DJT3chnic responds:

:) Glad you enjoyed this. I'll check your stuff out! I love making a hands up track every once in a while.

Love this track. Very well put together. Great sound. Very catch melody. The piano fits nicely. Great work man.

Awesome man! Thanks for using my stuff! I made that in about 7 minutes and uploaded it for no reason, but you made it good!
Feel free to use anything else you wish, just let me know :D

Abombination responds:

Thanks!!! I like listening to your stuff most of it sounds pretty cool!

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