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Needs transitions really badly.

I like it man! Great job. Only complaint would be a little bit of audio leveling as it seems some parts are a little too much louder than others. Great submission!

Wurfel-Waffles responds:

It was made with rush and careless timing that I put in so I totally agree with anything people will complain about this song.

You have coined the main problem, leveling. In fact I ignored to balance the instruments, which might gonna hurt the scores for my NAC entry. But whatever...

Great job man! I guess you are on a roll! This is awesome! I like how you went a little more on the orchestral side.

Things I liked:
All of it!

Great job on the drums not being too repetitive. =]

Things I think need change:

0:32 Lower the volume of the white noise, it should be in the background and the violins should be up front. It's not just about hearing the notes, it's about hearing the instruments.

1:44 Maybe use a different instrument or maybe a filter so that it is not the same sound as the main chorus.

2:13 Having the different instrument/filter as suggested previously, could help make the harmonizing stand out more as it is well done. So that there is a different instrument or sound going then the main (chorus's) instrument kicks in to harmonize. Although the instruments maybe different they sound far to similar.

3:14 -ish Same as before, just try to make the violins stand out a little more. I understand that they are fading in, but make them sound almost as if they are piercing through the "white noise." Which can be done by tapping up the violin volume and maybe some filters.

4:31 Same as previously stated, make them sound as if they are breaking through the "white noise: which will add to the uplifting aspect of the song.

All in all, a great piece. Really well done. Only issues are ones that don't really hurt the song too much. Very well done my friend, can't wait for another piece!

Keegs responds:

Thanks! Those two synths are actually different and it never occurred to me that they sounded so similar xD

The violin/viola Harmony was kinda drowned out by the Lowpass Automation and that is my biggest regret on this one. I know exactly what you mean. The "white noise" the cheap choir sample makes really ruins some of it.

I'm glad you liked it! Great review! Helps a lot!

Very good, I like it, you seem to have much talent. However, the every-other-beat violins, should be every other off beat, that would even things out a bit.

Keegs responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I'll keep that in mind for whenever I remix this!

Wow man! This is seriously amazing! I love the choice of synths, and percussion. One thing is that the the drum beat is just too repetitive, try switching it up and adding break- downs in spots. Other than that, no complaints!

Keegs responds:

Thanks dude! I'll keep that in mind! :)

Well done, you accomplished what you wished! 4.5/5 because there really isn't that much to it, other than the fact that its a little tune for suspense if you know what I am getting at. Thanks for the submission!

Its safe to say that you, my friend, have a new very appreciative fan on your hands. This is definitely my favorite so far, because you can just heard the heart in it, and the bass and main melody in the intro just sounds perfect.

Seriously dude! How? How can you just do so well? And come up with such great sounding stuff?!?! More work with mastering and a pinch more of experience and you will be the next DJ Nate. Like it man!

ChasingPresence responds:

Thanks man! Appreciate it :)

Nice man! I really like it. Well blended. Nice synths and effects. Reason for the 4/5 is that the sound quality could be better and it seemed that you tried to drag out the song too far. I suggest cutting the first "high" in the main chorus in half in length. Some other places can be cut down in time. Other than that it was really well done man! ~Xsalvaz

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