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Great stuff. Clean sound. I would just try to stray away from Nexus presets :)

Multex responds:

Haha yeah, this was one of my earlier tracks and i'm on my way to leaving nexus completely :D

This is actually really good especially for a first submission! Keep up the good work.

Megaddd responds:

Thanks! I hope to get better at this in the near future, I'm still green in the music-making world.

Sounds great to me man! I'd love to try working with you again.

TastyTeo responds:

Why not :D

Looks like we're both thinking the same thing! I got a happy hands up track coming out soon. :D Great track man, the effects sounded great, very smooth, great transitions. Good choice of synths.

Over all, great track. Will definitely go into my iTunes. Maybe we can work on a track together sometime.

DJT3chnic responds:

:) Glad you enjoyed this. I'll check your stuff out! I love making a hands up track every once in a while.

Awesome man! Thanks for using my stuff! I made that in about 7 minutes and uploaded it for no reason, but you made it good!
Feel free to use anything else you wish, just let me know :D

Abombination responds:

Thanks!!! I like listening to your stuff most of it sounds pretty cool!

It needs to be longer. :D Cmon, man... you wouldn't strangle your bro from Maine eh? haha! Awesome work, can't wait till it's done!

Envy responds:

Workin' on it! Almost done!

I would slow this down to like 140 or 148. The melody is such an awesome classic techno hard kick feeling song that you should be able to hear the notes a little better. I just can't imagine it this fast. Slowed down would be like basshunter, but a little better. haha Or maybe keep the bpms the same, just make the melody 8 bars not 4. Anyways, awesome job bro!

TastyTeo responds:

The melody is 8 bars and i just wanted to make it that speedy on purpose :D

This is sick! Mad props to you man. The instruments don't seem to fit together the best at first, but I think it works nicely. Although I think some instruments could be a little lower in volume especially like at 1:34.
Really great job!

TastyTeo responds:

The reason why i inserted this stupid intro thing was because most of my songs were starting with violins and this song had almost the same intro as my other song Leave Me Alone when it was violin so i changed it... yeah i am still trying to master my songs better but i suck at it X_X :P Thanks for the review

Yes! Finally! This will be playing non-stop tomorrow on my sound system. So good! Mastering is brilliant and it all fits together and transitions so well. I honestly have no complaints. This is just good dance. I can't stop dancing! I tried, but it just became a weird twitch to the beat...
"Bonum Est!" (latin)

Envy responds:

I didn't shout out to you because our love runs deeper than that.


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