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This is sick! Mad props to you man. The instruments don't seem to fit together the best at first, but I think it works nicely. Although I think some instruments could be a little lower in volume especially like at 1:34.
Really great job!

TastyTeo responds:

The reason why i inserted this stupid intro thing was because most of my songs were starting with violins and this song had almost the same intro as my other song Leave Me Alone when it was violin so i changed it... yeah i am still trying to master my songs better but i suck at it X_X :P Thanks for the review

5 stars man. this is sick!

Nice man! 4 stars because the intro could be a little shorter and maybe lead into the drop a little better. But it's sick dude.

Yes! Finally! This will be playing non-stop tomorrow on my sound system. So good! Mastering is brilliant and it all fits together and transitions so well. I honestly have no complaints. This is just good dance. I can't stop dancing! I tried, but it just became a weird twitch to the beat...
"Bonum Est!" (latin)

Envy responds:

I didn't shout out to you because our love runs deeper than that.


I can hear it a lot better now! Haha. Some of the things I thought were off, I can now tell are not due to the better quality. Transitions seem better, but still a little off. I am sending you more detail as you asked. Really like it though man.

Hello again from Maine! This is awesome as I suspected! Mastering is brilliant, and transitions: I would say should be a tad more subtle, but this really fits with your style, so no complaints from me. You are pumping out quite a few songs, and they are all just epic. I love the vibrating synth in the chorus there, just one of those little parts of the chorus you look forward to.
Great song, great artist.
Never give up on this, because you are great.
Hope to see you around sometime.

Envy responds:

I struggled with transitions on this one and in that aspect I think i may have rushed through to finish this song a bit. I wanted to finish it before the ol' writers block kicked in you see. Listening to the same song over and over and over and over and over makes you hate said song very quickly.

Hope you're staying warm!

Your New Hampshirite friend,


Melodies are great, transitions are awesome. It builds up, but there isn't really anything for it to build up to. It just builds then falls. I can see you tried to have a built up (bang!) chorus, just try adding different sounds, some bass, maybe a eurogate thats low and follows the bassline. Scouted you, I see a lot of potential.

Not really my style at all, but I like it. Kept me listening through the whole thing, which never happens with this type of music. Props to you my friend.

Dj-UnKnOwN responds:

Thanks Bud <3 I'm glad it was interesting enough to entertain you throughout =]

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