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I banging my head so much it hurts! a;skdja;isbdfjvajsdn And that was my face in the keyboard. I will stop now. Anyway, that was great. Well mixed and sounds just epic. Classic F-777 style. Love it! Can't wait for the whole thing!

Nicely done man!

Your "Horizon" is much better than mine, although I am only beginning with music making.

Very good, I like the sounds and the melodies. Only complaint is that the synths need to be muffled a little. The beginning piano sets a nice mood for a sort of sad/happy song, but the synths seem to scream and it sort of ruins the feel. If they can be toned down some, maybe less screeching, I think it would sound great.

Seems like it could be a very nice, I guess, heart-felt song by the beginning piano. So maybe make the wubs and such a little slower.

All in all, great stuff as always and I hope this turns out to be another awesome piece!

dj-Nate responds:

Thanks! Another excellently worded review. I appreciate the tips. I've already done some of what SomaZ suggested but I can attempt your ideas as well. I will reupload soon, keep in touch!

Yeah! Full length. Well put together. Verything seems to fit well. Only issue is that the hi-hat should maybe be more closed when it's in a roll. Otherwise it was sounds great! Definitely a different style for you, but it sounds good. Hoping for another piano/techno songs like you do so perfectly.

dj-Nate responds:

I'll be making those in the future ;)

Your music is so great! Welcome back! I hope to see more from my favorite artist!

Well done, nicely mixed and properly put together with transitions and such. But this is certainly not classical.

SWeissenP responds:

Thank you!

Haha! Well done! I own an Audi! I love it, as well as the song. You make it so that the 8-bit doesn't get annoying which takes skill. Very catchy. Can you tell me what the notes for the up and down (high to low) notes are in the beginning? Sounds like the notes of the beginning in Nilow's Neapolitan Dreams remix.

Triplejc responds:

Thank you. lol. I actually made this for an 8-bit game that I am making.

Not bad. I can hear what you are trying to get across and its brilliant. But you need better instrument choices. Whilst in FL. Click channels at the top and select Sytrus. Right click the opposite facing arrows on the top right of the sytrus pop-up. You are welcome. Also, I am guessing this is in the demo?

Anyways. Last note, try to stay with the general feel of the song. I noticed it kind of went off on a bit of a tangent near the end.

Over all, good job. Keep it up. Get used to FL and learn the instruments and I know you will go far.

Can't wait to hear more!

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