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Love It

This is sick man. Also, I saw that you said you did not have pro headphones. I suggest that you get the Skullcandy Titans. They are $40 and have just as good quality. They are great. Just a suggestion. Thanks! -Xsalvaz

This is sick.

It's hard to describe the epicness of this. I just want to turn up the subs and crank the strobes. Well done man, yet again. This is going on the channel. Please check it out. -Xsalvaz


this is sick, i know i dont share much trance on my channel, but this one is going up!

Dj-UnKnOwN responds:

WOOO! Thanks so much!


Thats my face still from when I posted your song on my channel a while ago. Remember that? Yeah, my face still isnt normal, the epicosity screwed it up. Know any good surgeons? Any way, still love the song, so. freaking. B. A. and the voice just tops it of. The sound is professional, Im going into movies, and I would make an entire movie around just this song... LOVE IT MAN, KEEP IT UP! 5/5 10/10 100/100 4574/4574
Good Job! - Xsalvaz

Nice Job

Nice job man, love it. I think I heard one of your songs at HillTop Fun Center during lazer tag.

even better than the first

i thought that was hardly possible. Also, i have shared some more of your stuff on my channel, you can check those out also. they seem to be the biggest hits...


love when the second synth comes in...

Freaking epic!

Dude, seriously love this. Gonna share it on my youtube...please check it out. Also, do you mind if I remix it and upload it to my NG?

you said to review, so i am!

here it is. i have to say that its catchy and i enjoyed it. but in the beginning, there is a flat note twice that just doesnt fit.


Hey, love the song, In fact, so much that I made a remix of it, I hope that is ok. It is yet to be up although it is submitted. I gave you full credit for the song. If you are agianst that, I will take it down. Please check it out!

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