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Classic Envy! Yet another great track! Love it man! Only issue I though of is a little much distortion, but other than that its absolutely great!

Envy responds:

Yeah I had a shit ton of issues attempting to mix the track. I made too many mistakes early on, and once the CPU lag kicked in, it becomes a lot harder to fix the little stuff like clipping and distortion in certain parts of the track.


Awesome. But can you PLEASE take 0 to :57 and turn that into a song. I was expecting and hoping that :15 to :43 would jump back in after :57 and that it would just build into something beautiful and climactic. Honestly, if you could make that? I would pay $20 just for that one song.

4.5/5 because the beginning was sooo beautiful and could have been a heart felt climactic piece but it sorta just went into a groove style.

Other than that, a great piece over all. Proper mixed and well put together.

Great job! I really like this one. Very well mixed and put together. It fits well and transitions are great. Only problem is that like the guy below me said, there is just a tiny bit too much sustain on the piano. Other than that this is just great!

Daydream-Anatomy responds:

Thank you^^

I was hoping for some sort of rendition of Heart Of Courage by Two Steps From Hell. But this is still just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

syphonmax responds:

Haha, I wish I could produce music like them, but my god they are just far too epic!

What!?!?! This is awesome! Way to put your music into good use! Seriously cool bro. God Bless you!

DjClyme responds:

haha, thanks! I'm Glad you liked it a lot!

Very nice man! I like it! Try to add some cymbals (ie. hi-hat, etc.) at least by the first chorus or "boom" if you know what I mean. May I also suggest Sytrus? The trance synth is very nice sounding... =]
Thanks for the submission!

Not bad at all! I only have the demo as well, I mostly use sytrus. I suggest fruity kick. just click cntrl-f8

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