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Pretty dang good man. I think the instruments need to be a little more balanced out, but other than that it all sounds really good. Nice transitions and seems to be proper instruments, they just need some mastering to fit together a little better :)

KittenBeat responds:

I'm not sure what you men by balanced out, but thanks.
Also no sure what "Proper instruments" are, because I only used two instruments in the whole song, with different settings.
If you want to try to master it, be my guest.

Dang it! I just made the music video for today for my youtube... Well, this will be next weeks.

Anyways... Awesome job man! Love the editing and that epic break at 1:16. Very nicely mixed together, everything fits perfectly. All instruments work nicely with each other.

Over all, yet another amazing track that keeps with your awesome style.
Keep it up!

Also a hello from Maine!

Envy responds:


hello from New Hampshire!

Yeah! Very nicely done! Mixed like a boss. Haha. I would suggest more change in the speed of the wubs.

TastyTeo responds:

i don't know much from dubstep i am a techno guy, and this is my first kind of dubstep song so.. thanks for the review

This is just awesome! Different build up and I love it! Too bad you just uploaded this, because I made a music video for Awaiting on my youtube: Xsalvaz. Now I will have to make one for this... haha =) Don't fret, all credit was given and there is a link to the newgrounds.

TastyTeo responds:

Thanks :DDD make for both just credit my youtube channel DJTheof :P

Sounds cool and dark, seems a bit more like background music for an epic game. But its not what I would call dubstep.

skimpy34 responds:

Fixed :)

Ah.... Yet another outstandingly great song found on NewGrounds! Awesome work man.

TastyTeo responds:

LoL Thanks :D

How did you get the bit crusher? Do you use demo?

Superaereas responds:

Yes I do use the demo. The bit crusher was a .vst that I found somewhere online. I can't remember exactly what it was since I moved and deleted it from my friend's computer. I suggest just searching for 8-Bit vst, and finding one that you like. All you do is download the VST, put it into your VST folder that is in your FL Studio folder, which will be where ever you put it. When you do that, right click on a plug in, click "More Plugins" and do a quick scan. When it picks up the file, check it, and right click the plug in again. It should be somewhere. It's all in alphabetical order, so remember your abc's.

Cool! What bell is that? I also use the demo version. There is actually a bunch of stuff you can do believe it or not. You can check out my stuff, all on demo.

Superaereas responds:

I believe it's the clockwork bell used in Ogun. I know there's plenty I can do, but I can't really save, and I don't live on my own or have my own computer. I'm afraid that my progress will be erased if I ever left it open.

Very nice man! Quite well done.

Only problem I have with it is that some of the sounds including the off set background noise during the solo (amazing solo btw).

Keep it up, you have talent!

johnfn responds:

Thanks bro. Actually your note sent me into a panic while I tried to figure out if I had accidentally put the background noise (pads) on the wrong note or something. Turned out it was that due to the combination of effects I used they ended up sounding a bit off. Should be fixed now (I changed them a bit).

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